Kite Flying

 Entrepreneurship: Life Skill not Business Attribute!photo_1669_20060611-e1366300939708

Entrepreneurship is an agent of change, an opportunity mindset

Flying Kites is an entrepreneurial incubator, focused on turning problems in opportunity.

Change is difficult, people resist it, organisations fear it. Change is essential for progress.

Resisting change causes conflict, hoping it will pass results in frustration and ignoring it renders you obsolete

For every problem there is always an answer, in that solution is opportunity. opportunity for greater productivity, healthier communities, better schools, cleaner environment.

Flying Kites nurtures an opportunity driven mindset, an outlook that encourages change when needed, constant improvement and a can-do approach to challenges.


Does your community have a problem ?

Your business a challenge?

Your school a limitation?

Or do you want to look at things with a different landscape.

Present a problem and using our experience, partnerships and creative outlook we will guide you to see opportunity where previously you saw limitations.

Meet 10 Alive  – A group of young learners with confidence challenges

See maths and business being learnt together