Barca Juniors

380722_343801015666857_1069071089_nBarca Juniors is a town ship based soccer club established in 2011 to reduce petty crime and drug abuse.                                               Focused on young boys the club was initiated by Simphiwe Mgetwana, AKA Charlie, a Stellenbosch police man who realized arresting young boys for petty crime wasn’t the solution.

 His community has few recreation facilities and the young boys he would apprehend for shoplifting and other misdemeanors where bored and frustrated.

 Joining forces with Flying Kites he set about formalizing ideas and structures for a soccer club to provide these energetic young men with a focus each afternoon.64904_3003574285293_63807536_n

 Discipline, team spirit, dedication and excellence became their new focus as they trained and developed football skills under Charlie.

 Money was raised and match kits and boots replaced school shoes and uniform as their outfits. Twenty boys soon became 200 and one team developed into 6.

 Member of the Club have been to many premier league matches, to see Man U play at Cape Town Stadium and 3 boys where selected to travel to Barcelona to see their namesakes play at Camp Nou.

 For many boys the team is their family, for other it is the only source of support and recreation they have, Charlie is coach mentor and father to many of them.

For more information or to get involved please email or visit us on Face Book