This accredited program takes candidates through 7 key steps in setting up a viable business.

The course is highly interactive requiring candidates to become their business, to live it, breath it, leave their comfort zone to achieve their goals. To sell themselves as part of selling their business idea

It focuses on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and worldview as part of identifying potential opportunities.43467462

It provides insight and understanding as to how to test a business idea against market realities and competitors

It guides start-up entrepreneurs through the stark reality of failure and how to use this as part of a journey to success.

The course highlights the importance of quality products and services as well as demystifying the “dark art” of marketing.

Competitiveness, financial management, and sustainability are covered in the last part of the course.

Course ManualsĀ 

Inspiring the leader within

Preparing the Fertile Soil

Sowing for success

Buying people not products

Getting your goods out of the woods

Establish long-term freedom

Like a Termite