CHALLENGE: Schools need to embrace the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in learners, this needs to be built into the curriculum.

Schools offer business related subjects but these lack and entrepreneurial angel and mindset.

OPPORTUNITY: Development of a board game for 4-8 players in which players buy and sell businesses for profit. The game comprise 4 business districts with 20 businesses in totalimages (1)

The game requires players to

  • Build it up through adding features to the business and enhancing its earning potential.
  • Improve their ability to run the business and make money through acquiring business related skills
  • Earn money by answering businesses related challenge questions
  • Earn money by adhering to statutory business requirements.

The game is scalable, additional business districts can be added. The design allows for interschool’s competition.

Download the game to play with family or friends

Inyuku Board Game

Inyuku set up & rules booklet

Inyuku Businesses

Inyuku questions

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