CHALLENGE: Jobs are hard to come by with low economic growth, school leavers need to consider creating opportunities for themselves through starting small businesses.inyuku logo

Entrepreneurial skills can be learned and developed with exposure to the entrepreneurial mindset.

CURRENT STATUS: Present initiatives involve funding of small businesses owners with little or no business training.Training is expensive and limited as it is largely theory based,  whilst business incubators are expensive to set up and run.

OPPORTUNITY: Online game that allows players to make business decisions and earn “money” by making the wise decisions

The game comprises over 500 scenarios based on real life situations from 8 years of work in the field.

The algorithm behind the game is coded to highlight, track decisions and identify strengths and weakness providing feedback as to players natural business skills and areas of potential limitation

OUTCOMES: 246 000 players | 3.8 million page views within 6 months

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