ogle landing page4Ogle Craft is an app to encourage grade 5-7 learners to engage with Mathematics and Science.

The app is accessible on all devices from entry level smartphones to entry-level tablets and PC.

The app divides the syllabi into the components as taught in school. Learning takes place via challenges are solved by using the theory behind each topic taught in the school syllabus.

For example.

Your company needs to increase its profits next year by 25%from R2 million you made this year. How much is that and what will next year’s figure be?

  1. R500 000, 2.5 million
  2. R300 000, 2.3 million
  3. R250 000, R2.25 million
  4. R400 000, R2.4 million

This challenge addresses fractions and addition and is part of the grade 5 syllabus.


  1. The app users the grade 5-7 math’s & science syllabi in a game format, offering players a challenge that they need to resolve.
  2. Resolving the challenge correctly earns them points, failing to or answering incorrectns2ly costs them points.
  3. Challenges are designed around everyday occurrences that will make learners see the relevance of these 2 important subjects.
  4. In particular, the relevancy of the challenges posed is focused on 2 key areas.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Everyday problem solving
  1. The game also offers players a fun general knowledge quiz that is payable after every 10 syllabus related questions. These general knowledge challenges are designed to be a ‘study break”


The game tracks scores and provides a report for each player

The report details each area of the game and how they have performed. Eg. Algebra, fractions, number sentences. This allows players and parents to review areas where they need extra support


Hints: The game offers players a chance to make use of the theory by requesting a hint to assist with solving a problem.

Tutorials: The game also has tailor-made tuts, 45 seconds long to help with an understanding of concepts.

The game can also provide parents with updates of their children’s progress and supply the parents with summarized info and knowledge to help their children.

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