CHALLENGE South Africa has youth unemployment in excess of 27%. Job seekers have little or no knowledge of how to present themselves for potential work opportunities nor what employers are looking for in potential employees.

CURRENT STATUS: Matriculated job seekers have an 18-month window to seek employment before they become high risk “drop outs” relying on social welfare grants through pregnancy. Alternatively, poverty gets the better of them and they resort to crime, drugs and other antisocial behaviours.

OPPORTUNITY: Umsebensi an online game, accessible on any phone. The game presents them with 500+ interview and work scenarios where they must choose the most appropriate response.

Appropriate responses earn points towards their “in game CV”.  Contact details for the player on the leader board are available to employers looking for potential candidates.

The game has a coded algorithm that measures 32 psychometric parameters that facilitate greater self-knowledge in respect of the players (to be used when presenting themselves to a potential employer) and background information for the interviewer.

OUTCOMES: 66 000 players | 980 000 page views in 6 months

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