Simply the cleverest training idea in a very long time”

Penny Lankester GM CHPA

To-be-happy-in-your-job-focus-on-now-6Q1URF0U-x-largeWorkplace challenges are common, an integral part of any organization, it not the challenges that are important its what you learn from them and how they strengthen your organisation.

The days of spending a week in training are gone, outdated and counterproductive. Flying Kites has set a new standard by offering short, sharp and to the point training options that convert into immediate results.

This training is designed and rolled out to ensure that results are felt quickly and team members are motivated to initiate BOP with immediate effect.

Course content is based on the 8 most important “hot spots” in any business anywhere in the world.


This training intervention is designed around 45-60 minutes presentations covering major topics

  1. Communication – Ensuring effective communication through understanding others.
  2. Conflict Resolution – Understanding your role and how to effectively resolve a conflict.
  3. Stress Management – Understanding different stress types and stressors and strategies to avoid them.
  4. Workplace Personality – Understanding how others perceive you at work.
  5. Leadership – Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.
  6. Integrity – Learning to face the realities of every day.
  7. Responsibility – Accepting your role in everything.
  8. Respect – Learning the value of treating others the way you want to be treated.

Each session comprises

  1. Introduction.
  2. interactive Topic Presentation.
  3. Personal Assessment.
  4. Best Practice Outline.
  5. Practical Implication Strategy.

Upon completion of the formal training, each staff member will:

  1. Receive a personal summary of all assessments completed
  2. Design a personalized plan of action to implement newly learned skills be required to
  3. prepare and present a 5-minute summary of what they have learned and how they are going to implement this on a daily basis.  This will become the basis of the possible development of 360 feedback at a later stage as well as the building blocks of a balanced scorecard to measure staff performance

Rollout & Cost

  1. Each topic is offered twice as part of the training schedule. This allows staff from the same department to attend without compromising operational requirements.
  2. Courses costed at R3200.00/course
  3. 3 Courses = R8500.00
  4. 6 Courses = R15900.00
  5. 8 Courses = R21500.00

Course fee covers

  1. 2 x 45-60 minute presentation per topic on the same day
  2. All worksheets
  3. Processing and feedback of worksheets submitted within 24 hours of course completion